Thomas Haller


photo of  Thomas Haller

Phone: (847) 716-0013
Email: [email protected]


Name: Thomas Haller
Hometown (grew up): Evanston, Illinois
Residence (current): Raleigh, North Carolina
Cell phone: (847) 716-0013
Employment: Evanston Golf Club, The Kingsley Club, Meadow Club, NewClub Golf Society, and The Philadelphia Cricket Club
Education: Majoring in PGA Golf Management at NC State University
PGA Status: PGA Student
Hobbies: Playing Golf, Watching sports, Listening to music
Family: Mom, Christy; Dad, Bill; Sister, Ginger
Position: PGA Intern
Prof. Achievements: Founded youth golf camp at Canal Shores Golf Course in Evanston
Favorite Golf Courses: Sand Hills, Prairie Dunes, Cal Club of San Francisco, Pasatiempo, and Crystal Downs