Guest Information

Dear Guest,

Welcome to The Philadelphia Cricket Club, the oldest country club in America. We are proud of the rich traditions that make The Philadelphia Cricket Club one of the premier clubs in the nation and ask that you please review the following etiquette guidelines prior to arriving. We look forward to your visit.

General Rules

Cell Phone and PDA Policy

The Club recognizes changing electronics utilization, but requires members to embrace a balance with tradition. Portable communication devices (cell phones, tablets and readers) may be used for emailing, texting and data usage as long as they are stored discreetly and kept on silent/vibrate mode at all times in all areas of the Clubhouse and on our golf courses. Permitted areas of use for quietly talking on the phone are locker rooms and parking lots. However, the use of electronic devices is discouraged.

Dress Code

The below dress code reflects the spirit of our private country club setting and works to ensure a wonderful experience for all who enjoy the Club. The following applies to all individuals ages 5 and up.

Attire at Wissahickon and Militia Hill

  • Tillinghast Room: Country Club Casual
  • Porch: Country Club Casual
  • Terrace Room: Country Club Casual

Attire at St. Martins

    Woodward Room: Country Club Casual
  • Lounge: Country Club Casual (Neatly tailored blue jeans are also allowed in this area.)
  • Family Grill: Country Club Casual and Activewear (Neatly tailored blue jeans are also allowed in this area.)
  • Formal Bar: Country Club Casual (Blue jeans are NOT allowed in this area)
  • Porch: Country Club Casual & Activewear
  • Squash & Pavilion Social Areas: Country Club Casual, Activewear and Fitness Attire (Neatly tailored blue jeans are also allowed in these areas.)
  • Pool: Country Club Casual, Activewear, Swimwear and Fitness Attire

Country Club Casual is defined as:

Gentlemen: Slacks, including neatly tailored, non-torn colored denim (non-blue jean) or tailored golf shorts. A collared shirt neatly tucked in or appropriately tailored shirt (such as “Tommy Bahama" styled) worn not tucked in.

Ladies: Slacks, capris, neatly tailored, non-torn colored denim (non-blue jean), skirts, golf-length shorts, blouses and sweaters. Halter tops, low-neck shirts without a collar or sleeves and bare midriffs are not allowed.

Activewear is defined as:

Any sportswear that follows the dress codes of Tennis, Squash, Paddle, Golf, or Cricket. Tee shirts are not acceptable except when worn with appropriate sporting attire by those under 18 years of age. Swimwear is not permissible outside of the pool area. Spiked athletic shoes and foam flip flops are not allowed. Gentlemen are not permitted to wear caps, hats and visors within the Clubhouses or on outdoor porches, with the exception of the Men’s Locker Room and the Fitness Center. Ladies may wear appropriate sporting hats, caps and visors.

Fitness Attire is defined as:

Workout appropriate clothing; sleeveless tees or tank tops must be in good taste – no bare midriffs. Appropriate athletic shoes are required and no open toed shoes are permissible; black-soled or marking shoes are not allowed on squash courts. Hats are allowed in the Fitness Center if they are worn facing forward at all times. Fitness attire that meets the Activewear attire guidelines is permissible in related sporting areas. Members are encouraged to use discretion regarding their attire when entering the Clubhouse and dining areas in Fitness Attire, especially post-activity.


Swimwear is to be worn in the pool area only and members should dress modestly. No bathing attire is permitted when entering or exiting the main Clubhouse.

Inappropriate Attire is defined as:

Exposed undergarments or “see-through” fabric without proper lining, bare midriffs or overtly revealing shorts or skirts. Any torn, sloppy, or soiled clothing and footwear including pool shoes and foam flip flops. Basketball shorts, cargo shorts, cargo pants, non-dress code compliant tee-shirts, hooded sweatshirts and sweatpants are not allowed in the Clubhouse.


Smoking is prohibited on the Club’s campuses except for in the parking lots and on the golf courses. If smoking in the parking lot or on the golf course, it must be done at least 15 feet away from any clubhouse entrance or eating area; the only exceptions to this rule are the grassy area with the Adirondack chairs located adjacent to the Wissahickon dining patio and the Adirondack sitting area below the Militia Hill patio. Where smoking is permitted, members and their guests should use the provided receptacles to discard butts. If smoking on the golf course, lit cigars and cigarettes may never be rested on, nor their ashes left on, tees or putting greens; further, cigars and cigarettes should never be placed on any grass surface and butts must be properly discarded in a receptacle at the Clubhouse. The General Manager may grant exceptions to this rule for events with advance written request.


Tipping is permitted for the locker room, valet parking and coat room attendants only.