Philadelphia Cricket Club

Dress Code

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Guest Information 

Cell Phones: In order to preserve the integrity of the Club, and out of respect for members and their guests, the use of mobile phones is prohibited except as follows:

1) St. Martin’s: In the parking areas, locker rooms, and the lower lobby.

   2) Flourtown: In the locker rooms and parking lots in your motor vehicle (excluding the lower short-term parking area at the Wissahickon course).


Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in all buildings of the Club at all times and on the porches where food is served. Please see the rules for each Club activity for more information about smoking at the outdoor facilities. Where smoking is permitted, members and their guests should use the provided receptacles to discard butts.


Dining Dress Code: The Philadelphia Cricket Club offers Members several dining venues with different levels of formality, and we ask that Members consider this when making reservations and deciding where to dine at the Club.  Juniors are expected to follow the same guidelines as adults.


St. Martins Clubhouse Dress Code

Main Dining Room: Country Club Casual

Slacks and collared shirts are required.  Jeans are not permitted and sporting attire is not suitable for this venue. Shirt tails should be tucked unless the apparel is styled or designed to be worn un-tucked.

Grille Room and The Porch: Casual and Sporting Attires

Casual and sporting attire consists of, at a minimum, sportswear that conform to the dress codes of tennis and squash, or neatly tailored blue jeans.  Jeans that are frayed, torn or bleached are not permitted.

Members may only wear swimsuits and swimwear in the pool enclosure. Any type of swimwear or après swimwear is prohibited in the clubhouse with the exception of the locker rooms.

Ladies may wear caps, hats and visors in the Grille Room after participating in sporting activities at the Club. Gentlemen are never permitted to wear caps, hats and visors within the clubhouse.

Houston Room: Adults Only; Formal Attire

Gentlemen are required to wear a jacket in this venue. Mock neck, turtleneck and golf shirts may be worn under jackets. Ladies shall wear attire commensurate with the gentlemen’s jacket requirement


Flourtown Clubhouse Dress Code


Slacks and collared shirts are required.  Jeans are not permitted and sporting attire is not suitable for this venue. Shirt tails should be tucked unless the apparel is styled or designed to be worn un-tucked.


Ladies may wear caps, hats and visors. Gentlemen are never permitted to wear caps, hats and visors within the clubhouse.

Guest Information for athletic activities 



All players must wear tennis clothes that are white or white with colored trim (including hats) on all of the outdoor courts. All males over the age of 18 are encouraged to wear shirts with collars. Fashion collars on Hi-Tech material shirts are permitted. Cotton T-Shirts are permitted for junior players under the age of 18.

Colored tennis warm-up clothing may be worn under appropriate conditions. Proper tennis attire must be worn on the indoor courts. Regulation tennis shoes must be worn on all courts. Bare feet, shoes with heels, spike, cleats or prominent treads are prohibited. Denim may not be worn on the tennis courts.


All players must wear white clothing or they will be asked to leave the court until they comply with the rule. Clothing can have up to 10% of color. Players must wear squash or tennis shoes with no black soles or other soles that leave marks. Absolutely no running shoes! Protective eyewear is mandatory on court for adult and junior players.


Golf Attire:  Please notice that all golfers at PCC are expected to adhere to the Club’s regulations regarding proper attire.  Players are required to observe good taste and dress appropriately for the golf course and practice facility.  The following criteria must be met before using the Flourtown and St. Martin’s facilities:

· No denim or warm-up suits.

· Long pants (except cargo pants) or Bermuda length shorts (bottom of shorts may be no higher than 3 inches from the top of the knee) are required. 

· Skirts may be no shorter than 5 inches above the knee.

· Men and juniors must wear a collared shirt at all times, or a ‘mock’ neck shirt, with sleeves, that is tasteful.  Ladies may wear a sleeveless shirt provided it has a collar, or a collarless blouse provided it has sleeves and is tasteful.   Collared shirts are preferred for ladies, but tops with inset sleeves that are appropriate golf attire will be allowed.

· No tee shirts or tank tops.

· Men and juniors must tuck shirts into pant line.

· Hats are to be worn as designed, with the bill of the hat facing forward.

· Only non-penetrating spikes are permitted on both the Flourtown and St. Martins courses.  "Softspikes" may be purchased and installed for a small fee.

The professional staff is instructed by the Golf Committee to inform all members and guests of any dress code violations.  Such violations will be reported to the Golf Committee if another member files a complaint regarding attire of any other member or guest.


Quality of Play:  The Wissahickon course should be played in 4 hours or less; the Militia Hill course should be played in 4 hours and 20 minutes or less.

Speed of play may be monitored for compliance with this standard. Specific information on this program to monitor the speed of play is available in the Golf Shop. Chronic "slow players" may suffer a loss of playing privileges. The following tips are designed to keep play at an enjoyable pace:

· Do not waste time looking for lost balls. Five minutes looking is the maximum allowable time. Play a provisional ball when a possibility exists that a ball may be lost.

· Observe both the players in front of you and behind you as a measure of your speed of play. Keep up with the players in front of you. You must allow faster players to play through if one hole is open in front of you. You should always allow faster players to play through when the speed of play is lagging behind the required pace.

· When using golf carts, leave the golf cart with the appropriate clubs to play the shot.  When in doubt, take several clubs.

· Do not replay missed putts. When finished putting, leave the green and mark the scorecards on the next tee. Continuous putting is encouraged.